Screen support in airoscript

That's it! Airoscript now can be used trought screen. You don't need any fancy x-terminals or even a X-server to run it! :-)

screen on action


Obviously, you don't need any mouse, x server, x terminal, etc.
Just aircrack-ng and it's normal dependences.
You can even make a minimal distro with it,
your laptop's battery life will be longer,
your hand's life will be longer (no mouse required ;-) ) etc.

Basic Usage

This is not a basic "airoscript" usage but a basic "screen" usage, for more info, see screen documentation.

Passes to next tab (window) on screen session
Passes to previous tab (window) on screen session
Kills current window
Switches between last used window and current window
For finishing a command, please, kill it first, then kill the window, that's it, first use "ctrl+c" and then "ctrl+a+k", otherwise, it wont work as expected.