Lastest version changelog!

Changelog for airoscript-ng 1.1 (independent release, shortly will become airoscript 1.2 with aircrack-ng release)
- Refactorised almost all functions
- Added autopawn functionality
- Fixed changing mac address
- Rewrote airoscript-ng script to be more readable
- Autoscan function at start.
- Reordered options menu
- Fixed menu creator function, now all menus can safely depend on this
- Added loader function for config files and external files, to make it
- New theme "minimal" is default now.
- Configuration made much simpler.
- Pmk databases from airolib-ng support
- Decloaking support with airdecloak-ng
- Added an option to create a virtual interface with airtun-ng
- Kstats support
- Airdecap-ng support
- Some beauty colouring
- Now you'll have to select a network at start
- Fixed dictionary issues, now it's much simpler to add a dictionary
- Added automatic network configurator
- Remade fake and auto auth menus into an "authentication" menu
- Fixed the injection options (didn't work until now)
- Support for PMK database
- Support for custom commands (It'll ask you for extra options *in every
command it executes*! use carefully!)
- Lots of lil bugfixes on interface and cracking stuff 
- Fixed cracking WPA
- Added a warning when wpa cracking
- Fixed wpa handshake standard airodump-ng attack
- Added Automatic network cracking option
- Added cli interface
- Using xhost to automatically setting resolution
- Refactorished menu function, it's creating real nice menus now with shell scape codes
- Same with target selection menu
- Added an option to rescan for targets in starting auto scan.